Now you can apply online for national identity cards or voter ID. If you lose at the same time, modify any of the information or images can be changed online.

Sacitrra easily online at the National Identity Card or National ID card picture changes, changes, and new voters can find out the details of the rules. Check the details. Share text, Sharing, so that everyone benefits.
What national identity can change yourself online?
• Change Information
• Change image
Pictures and information on how to change and update the database to be able to see?
Go to this link to the registration >>>

How To Change Picture
(This site is written in https format, because it can come to your Firefox browser This Connection is Untrusted the solution and then click the I Understand the Risks.
1. On the warning page, click I Understand the Risks.
2. Click “Add Exception ‘…. The Add Security Exception dialog will appear.
3. Click “Confirm Security Exception” will appear, click on the site. )
Who can register for online services !!

If you are a voter registration Take advantage of this website. Follow the steps to register lower karuna
• Complete the required information to complete the registration process.
• obtained the activation code with your card information and phone log.
• Information changes by updating the information on the form to print it.
• prntakrta scanned copy of the signed form and submit it online.
• in favor of changing the color of the required documents and submit scanned copies online.
Now, “I want to fill in the registration form click”.

Please fill in the form correctly
• enaaidi Number (if your enaaidi number with 13 digits, then take the first on your year of birth and year of birth, 1990, for example, your card number 1234567891000 Would you like 19901234567891000)
• Date of birth (see card, select)
• Mobile Phone Number (Mobile Verify that your code is correct mobile number to send)
• Email (will not be given if there is a problem, e-mail ID to login to verify if the code is able to send e-mail if the mobile is not at hand)
• Present address
o Division District upazila / thana select the time which gave the voters.
• permanent address
• Division District upazila / thana select the time which gave the voters.
• Login Password
• Passwords must be 8 digits, uppercase letters and numbers must be such InfoPedia71
Captcha Please fill in the correct way, which is lowercase, uppercase letters or numbers that have been set, but the space will not be.
The “Register” button to go to the second step.

After successfully registering the exact form and verify that your phone’s browser code and the code has the option to samamita come home like this in the verification code on your phone and click on the register button.
(Two minutes to re-code phone code does not actually send (SMS), click)

Account Active After entering the code correctly you will be asked to log in to the page below the image or the link on the login >>
To log in with your national ID number (13 digits of your year of birth of the first to take up), date of birth and password to verify your code will have to select how you want to.
If the mobile phone number registered to your hand, otherwise, select the e-mail.
The “front” and click.

The mobile phone or e-mail to verify your selected option of putting login code.
In two minutes, but if you do not code for “re-code” Send button.

You can see all of your database information to the Election Commission at this time. Click on any of the following options according to the needs of the data update. Thus, you can change your national identity easily modify data or images.

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